Feb 18, 2020

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Carpet Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know

Carpet cleaning is one of the job tasks that we do not like as it takes a lot of time, effort and will to clean your rug. Still, this is all because we do not clean these regularly, but rather only when we spill the drinks, oil and food and it becomes dirty. We talked to the experts from Carpet Cleaning Queen Creek team who were willing to share with us some of the best tips for rug cleaning. If you want to know more, do stick around and continue reading!

You must use your vacuum cleaner once per week

once a week

Yes, this makes things a lot easier, believe it or not! Take a vacuum once per week, for two hours, and your house will be much cleaner! Even though you do not have pets inside, you still want regular cleaning to save yourself from the extensive work. Two hours per week will save you a lot of effort and instead to clean 5 hours every 10 days, you can vacuum your carpets and floors for two hours once per week. This will be just enough to keep your house tidy and clean.

Have your own stain remover mixed and ready

Though you can buy many different cleaning solutions for your carpets, it is highly recommended to have a DIY mixture ready for use. It may happen that you spill something and you do not have the detergent or cleaning solution ready. Sometimes the seconds can mean between saves and ruined carpet. To avoid such situations, always prepare yourself a mixture for cleaning and have it ready. You can use a mixture of white vinegar and liquid soap for an effective cleaning solution that can help you to remove all your stains on the rug.

Watch out for the type of carpet

Another tip that you must not forget is to be able to identify the different types of carpets and their fibers. There are wool, synthetic, cashmere, cotton and many other types and your job is to be able to identify the different types. Some rugs have the declaration certificate on the backside so you can read it and see what type of fibers you are dealing with. Then, once you know the type of fibers, you can apply an appropriate cleaning solution without ruining your carpet.

carpet type

Do not remove the wax by heating it

This is one of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced cleaners make, which can ruin the rug entirely. Although this might work on some types, it is very likely that you will blow out and ruin the fibers. Instead of heating up, use some kind of a blunt knife or razor. Place it under the waxed area and move slowly until the wax comes off. If there is an additional layer that you cannot remove, do not use scissors to cut off the fibers. You can try one trick first – place several dry paper towels over the problematic area and use the iron over these papers. Run it carefully over the towels until the wax starts melting and sticking to the towel!

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